Wedding Invitations

This collection of wedding invitations has a rustic, simplistic feel that conveys the couple's tastes and style, with a modern touch added by my vector illustrations. The weight of the font is balanced out by simple lines and the texture of the background.

In order to make printing easier for the couple, I designed the Rehearsal Dinner Invite and Post-Wedding Brunch Invite so that six copies could fit on an 8.5x11" sheet. The Wedding Invitation is a 5.25" square, a modern and classy size for an card.

Florence Travel Guide

I travelled to Florence in the summer of 2013 and fell in love with the city’s culture. I designed this easy to carry, 5”x 7” travel guide to portray the artistic elegance, history, and culture of Florence. The book includes concise information on specific tourist destinations and examines broader historical and cultural concepts, such as architectural styles. The pink, green and soft brown color palette is inspired by the local stones used to construct the city. My illustrations adhere to Florence’s focus on fine arts.

Matthaei Botanical Gardens

The garden staff aim to build environmental empathy and educate visitors on plant evolution and biology. The staff requested a better signage system to help visitors navigate the conservatory and understand the basics of plant evolution. I met frequently with garden staff and researched plant evolution and biology in order to design stationary posters, hand-held flyers and plant identification signs that addressed these needs. I created a set of symbols and graphical maps that elucidate the following concepts: the development of adaptations, specifically the stem, seed and fruit, the formation of plant lineages, and the relationship between the lineages, or groups.

Poster Design

Ann Arbor Art Center

This fantastical city is the setting for one of the Ann Arbor Art Center’s stop motion animation films. Working with the art center manager, I created the preliminary sketches and led the construction of this fantastical and intricate set.

Visual Storytelling


Kringles Bakery

This family-run business has an exceptional commitment to quality and takes pride in preserving and expanding upon their family recipes. Using my illustrative style and design knowledge, I aim to communicate their values, and convey their family-friendly atmosphere and vintage feel in a variety of marketing materials.

Uber iPhone App Icon Redesign

Uber has grown exponentially in the past the few years and is now used in 65 countries. By changing colors and background patterns, Uber’s new brand tries to appeal to different stylistic preferences of cities in which it operates. I appreciate their attempt, but Uber still needs a unified brand. The variety of colors, patterns, and shapes (circles, hexagons, squares), makes the company seem scattered and slightly confused about their mission and brand identity.

For my iPhone app icon, I use simple dots and lines to communicate a unified mission for Uber: reaching a destination (if you’re a rider), and continuing on another journey from that destination (driver). Uber’s redesign also portrays this mission, but looks a little clunky because a square denotes the destination point and the background patterns create some confusion.

I chose a subtle silver gradient for the background that will be used in every city. My original idea was to make the icon blue since blue is considered an appealing, trustworthy, and sophisticated color. Most other colors have a variety of conflicting cultural connotations attached. However, blue combined with Uber’s ‘U’ looked similar to Unilever's logo. Silver was my next choice because it is more or less nuetral, only provoking elegance and class in some instances.